NY Times: Bloomberg Seeks to Redo Building Code in Sandy’s Wake

June 13, 2013

New York Times reporter Mireya Navarro highlights New York City's proposed changes to building codes in response to Hurricane Sandy.  The changes are considered some of the most sweeping in the nation.

Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center in Washington, a group that assists cities in adapting to climate change, said that taken as a whole, the proposals were the most significant in the nation.

Ms. Arroyo said that other cities had strengthened building codes after major storms but that New York’s approach was more comprehensive, covering a wide range of things, like storm-water management and emergency power supplies. New York is also addressing a broader range of issues because of its unique stock of skyscrapers.

“This is more forward-looking than anything I’ve seen,” she said.

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