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Document Summary
The State of Adaptation in the United States: An Overview
April 4, 2013

The State of Adaptation in the United States surveys activities underway to help communities prepare for climate change and identifies needs, challenges, and potential actions that communities can now pursue. The report was commissioned by the MacArthur Foundation and was undertaken by the Georgetown Climate Center, EcoAdapt, the Climate Impacts Group at the University of Washington, and the University of California-Davis. 

Zoning for Sea-Level Rise
December 13, 2012

To help local communities address the increased flooding expected from sea-level rise and more frequent extreme weather events, the Georgetown Climate Center designed a model sea-level rise ordinance to provide local governments with a template for tailoring regulations to meet the needs of their community and its particularized vulnerabilities.

Adaptation Tool Kit: Urban Heat
August 17, 2012

"Adapting to Urban Heat: A Tool Kit for Local Governments" is designed to help local governments reduce the effects of increased heat on their communities and citizens.  It provides an analytic tool for policy makers to consider a combination of four built-environment changes (cool roofs, green roofs, cool pavements, and urban forestry), providing clear criteria for selecting among these approaches. It also examines the roles government can play in pursuing these changes: shaping government’s own operations, mandating or providing incentives for private choices, and engaging in public education.

Coastal Management in the Face of Rising Seas: Legal Strategies for Connecticut
August 2, 2012

This article examines two adaptation approaches that could be applied in Connecticut: a local-­?level approach using zoning and floodplain regulations, and state-­?level approach modeled after cutting-­?edge sea level rise regulations adopted by neighboring Rhode Island. For each method, the authors examine what measures can be implemented now given existing legal authorities delegated to state agencies and municipalities; what measures will require additional delegations or amendments to existing statutes or regulations; and what level of government is best suited to implement different measures (state or local).

Analysis of the Flood Insurance Reauthorization and Reform Law (2012)
August 1, 2012

The Georgetown Climate Center's Jessica Grannis recently released a summary and analysis of Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, which includes several reforms that could assist state and local governments looking to implement policies to adapt to sea-level rise and other flood impacts from climate changes.

Innovative Approaches for Adapting to Water Variability in the West
May 1, 2012

This brief reviews three approaches that communities are pursuing to adapt to climate change.

Adaptation Tool Kit: Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Land Use
November 1, 2011

The Adaptation Tool Kit explores 18 different land-use tools that can be used to preemptively respond to the threats posed by sea-level rise to both public and private coastal development and infrastructure, and strives to assist governments in determining which tools to employ to meet their unique socio-economic and political contexts.

Adaptation Case Studies in the Western United States
October 31, 2011

This report contains two case studies from the Western United States that explore water shortages in the West, water rights along the Colorado River, and the protection of an endangered ground-dwelling bird: the greater sage grouse.  In doing so, the report also examines the role of states in adaptation planning and the intersection between state and federal authority.

Virginia Case Study: Stemming the Tide: How Local Governments Can Manage Rising Flood Risks
May 1, 2010

This case study analyzes the authority of Virginia local governments to use existing land use regulations to adapt to sea level rise impacts. Specifically, this study looks at local authority to implement policy options identified in the Virginia’s Climate Action Plan.

Comparison of Adaptation Provisions in the Kerry-Boxer and Waxman-Markey Bills
November 6, 2009

This document provides a side-by-side comparison of all adaptation provisions in Kerry Boxer (S.1733) and Waxman-Markey (H.R.2454).