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Document Summary
Comments on Clean Power Plan Federal Plan Requirements and Model Trading Rules
January 21, 2016

The Georgetown Climate Center submitted comments in response to the proposed Clean Power Plan Federal Plan Requirements and Model Trading Rules. These comments were built on discussions the Center had with states as they consider their options for developing plans, and on prior research conducted by the Center on the linking of subnational emissions trading programs, but they do not necessarily reflect the views of individual states.

Memorandum: Policy Considerations for the Maryland Climate Change Commission
November 22, 2015

This memorandum identifies policy issues that may be of interest to the Maryland Climate Change Commission as it drafts its November 2015 report on the status of Maryland’s climate change efforts and recommendations for legislative action,1 and as its considers topics for its 2016 agenda. This memorandum focuses on issues relating to the evaluation of Maryland’s progress towards its 2020 goal with regard to fuel switching in the power sector, projected changes in vehicle miles traveled, and future growth of electric vehicles. It also provides context regarding other states that have set emission reduction goals for years between 2025 and 2035, and identifies potential additional emission reduction policies that could achieve reductions in future years.

Supporting State Plan Compatibility and Interstate Compliance with the Clean Power Plan
July 7, 2015

The Georgetown Climate Center has released a working paper identifying opportunities for guidance and tools from the Environmental Protection Agency to support the development of state plans that are compatible with each other, and facilitate interstate compliance with the Clean Power Plan. As states and stakeholders consider options to comply with EPA’s Clean Power Plan requirements to reduce emissions from the power sector, there is growing interest in developing individual state plans that give regulated entities the option of working across multiple states to achieve compliance.  

Single State Clean Power Plan Compliance Approaches with Interstate Elements
May 28, 2015

The Georgetown Climate Center has released a policy brief providing an overview of considerations for single-state Clean Power Plan compliance plans that would allow for the option of interstate trading of compliance instruments. This document examines how such programs could work under both rate-based and mass-based models of compliance.

An Overview of Potential Clean Power Plan Compliance Pathways
January 14, 2015

The Georgetown Climate Center has released a policy brief highlighting potential approaches that states could use to comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan—the agency's proposed rule to limit carbon pollution from the power sector.

States Voice Strong Support for EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan
December 1, 2014

In a letter to U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, environment and energy leaders from 14 states expressed strong support for the agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan.


Summary of the EPA's Notice of Data Availability for the Clean Power Plan
November 6, 2014

This document provides a summary of EPA’s Notice of Data Availability issued October 28, 2014, which supplements EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan regulation to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants.

Charging Ahead – Options for Policymakers Regarding the Regulation of Electric Vehicle Charging Markets
June 17, 2014

This paper provides an overview of the market for electric vehicle charging services, identifies actors and actions that might warrant regulation, and poses questions for policymakers to consider in determining the role that governments should play.


Detailed Summary of the EPA's Proposed Rule to Limit Carbon Pollution from the Power Sector
June 13, 2014

This document provides a summary of EPA’s recently proposed rule to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants.  It contains a particular focus on elements of the proposal that may be of interest to the states.


Percent Changes Needed to Acheive EPA's State-by-State Carbon Pollution Goals
June 3, 2014

The Georgetown Climate Center has compiled data from EPA's supporting documents to help states, reporters, and stakeholders better understand what the new carbon pollution limits in the power sector mean for each state.